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About Film JunkEdit

Film Junk is the longest running movie podcast on the internet. Recorded in Southern Ontario, Canada, the weekly show features lengthy discussions on the current films and news and is hosted by two video game programmers and a documentary filmmaker.

The show was originally established as Space Junk Radio by Sean Dwyer and Jay Cheel on the Brock University radio station and featured discussions on various technologies stories as well as reviews of Films, Concerts and Video Games.

The show moved to the internet in January 2005 and in early 2006 the name was changed to Film Junk as they shifted the focus of discussion to films. The show's format has changed over time, but usually comprises of a new movie release review, news and trailers, discussions of other films watched (including the occasional television show), upcoming movie releases on DVD and Blu-Ray and Junk Mail featuring questions and comments from listeners. The podcast is notable for it's informality, use of layman's terminology when evaluating films, off-topic discussions, spirited debates, personal stories and prolonged episodes.

In 2008 and 2010 the show was nominated for the Podcast Awards in the Film and TV category, and in 2013 it was nominated for two Canadian Weblog Awards. Over the years the show has welcomed many guests including Skottie Young, Matt Gourley, Paul F. Tompkins, Doug Nagy, Dax Gordine, Kurt Halfyard and the one and only Reed Farrington.

Film Junk has also spawned several spin-off podcasts. These include: Ball Junk, Game Junk, Cantankerous, The Boardroom and Fishing with Tom. In 2011 Film Junk started to release Premium episodes to help support the weekly show. Released approximately every month for an additional fee, the episodes focus on a franchise, director, or particular genre.

Latest activityEdit

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